Setting up an email account in Outlook Express

Before you can use your email you will need to create your email accounts from the DirectAdmin control panel. If you have not done this log into the control panel at and under the E-mail Management heading click "Email Accounts" then "Create Mail Account"

These instructions are for Outlook Express, but setting up other email software should be similar.

To set up Outlook Express:

  1. Open Outlook Express

  2. From the menu bar choose Tools --> Accounts. (The ‘Internet Accounts’ window opens)

  3. Click Add --> Mail...

  4. Enter your name, click Next...

  5. Enter the email address, click Next...

  6. From the ‘My incoming mail server is’ menu select 'POP3'
    Advanced users who check their mail from several computers (e.g. a desktop and a laptop) may choose to use IMAP instead, IMAP stores your mail on our server and keeps your email and contacts syncronised between all your computers.

  7. For incoming mail server enter

  8. For outgoing mail server enter
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Some broadband connections including Telecom XTRA Broadband do not allow sending e-mail through another ISP like us. So you must use the SMTP server assigned by your ISP. Give them a call if you are not sure what this should be.
    XTRA also require you to authenticate any non XTRA email addresses that you will be sending through their SMTP server. More information can be found on the XTRA help site: or by giving them a call.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Now enter your account name (this is your email address) and your password

  11. Click Next again 

  12. Click Finish

You’ve now set up Outlook Express.

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