How do I setup an email account on my phone or computer?

What settings should I use to collect my email?

Use can use the following settings to configure your email account.

YourDomain name is usually your website address


Mail Server:

Port: 110 (should default to this for POP, otherwise it’s 143 for IMAP)

SSL: Turned Off.

Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Turned Off / Not Ticked

For Incoming Mail over POP only

Please make sure in your settings that the tick box for "save messages on the server" is ticked, and the timeframe is no longer than 14 days. (You do not want a significantly large quantity of email stored on the server as it will fill you email hosting space quota and email's sent to you may bounce).


Mail Server:

Port: 26 (or you may use 25 if you wish to, and know that your internet service provider supports it)

Authentication: Set this to use the same settings as incoming.

Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Turned Off / Not Ticked


Make sure that you have turned on "Remember password" in the logon information settings.

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