Effective branding and the right company logo can go a long way to helping you build brand loyalty between you and your customers. 

A good company logo implemented successfully as part of your stationery design, can deliver your message clearly, establish and reaffirm your credibility, connect with your existing and potential customers on an emotional level, and motivate them to buy.

It is important to remember that your logo is one element in your branding strategy and evolving your brand strategy is key to creating a logo that accurately reflects your business. We work in close collaboration with clients from the first stage of developing concepts through to the finalised design. Our aim is to create a logo that truly communicates who you are, sets you apart from your competitors and carries immediate brand recognition. Your logo is one of the essential branding elements for your business. 

A good logo will…

  • be simple and memorable in the minds of your client or customers
  • be appropriate and communicate your business’s identity and support the reach of your brand
  • be desirable, timeless and attract your target audience
  • differentiate you from your competitors
  • create confidence in your brand
  • be versatile in black and white, work when scaled up or down and reproduce across various media 

Tagline, slogan, catch phrase, motto

Your tagline is a memorable phrase that aims to sum up the tone and key objective of your brand or product. Your tagline should enable consumers to connect with your product or service. The best taglines are memorable, informative and speak directly to a target audience. You want your consumers or clients to identify with the slogan. The right tagline not only builds the brand but also promotes brand loyalty among consumers. A tagline accompanied by a logo make a powerful branding statement.

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