Your brand is an asset. To achieve market advantage we work with you to establish consistency across all your communications. We look at your business personality and philosophy and help you evolve your business identity.

Establishing a strong brand that reflects accurately the values, uniqueness and the look and feel of your business will:

  • Build name recognition and inform your market
  • Establish customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Gain referrals from current customers and clients
  • Strengthen trust in your product or service and increases your brand’s value
  • Grow your credibility
  • See return on Investment and increased market reach

It's worth investing in creating a strong brand.

Essentials of a strong brand

A brand is not just an image, but a promise! People use brands to reassure themselves before making a purchase. Why do people buy one product brand over another?

Brands create promises, expectations and loyalty. People associate a product (like Watties' tomato sauce) with a certain experience and perception (price, taste, quality, tradition); people have a loyalty to one brand over another. Meeting your brand promise will create customer loyalty (people will buy the product again) and extend your market reach (people will tell others about it).

Your brand is not only your logo, it is your identity in the market place. The promise your brand creates is based on consistency of experience, appearance and quality. Consistent appearance is about building a strong image through consistent "look and feel" including logo, colours and typefaces. Every advertisement, brochure and letter can help reinforce your branding message.

If you believe in your brand, others will too. Making sure that your company message is internally and externally in sync will create consistency and strengthen the delivery of your brand message. For example, the first point of contact for your brand is often through your employees. The way they meet, greet, and assist clients and customers can be the first chance to make a good impression.

Being genuine will establish the integrity of your brand.
Being consistent will reinforce your brand promise.

We invest time in consultation, getting to know you, your business, products and services, to ensure your brand accurately reflects who you are and what you do.

When it comes to website's and logos it is all about visual impact and presentation of your brand.

Brand Development Time Line

Before your Begin

  • Work out what your business is and what your promise to do
  • Build a profile of your typical customers
  • Find out how your customers (and your employees) feel about your business
  • Consider how far you can develop your business without moving away from your core competencies

Some things to budget for when creating your brand:

  • Your time and the cost of your employees' time.
  • Registering your company name, tradmarking your logo, purchasing domain name.
  • Updating your stationery, signage, packaging and website.
  • Design and printing of sales and promotional material, advertising and PR.
  • A branding agency like Cloake Creative to create and manage the brand for you.

Creating Your Brand

Managing your Brand

  • Get all staff on-board etc, they answer the phone in the same way, the email signitures are consistent, internal documents use the branding in the correct and consistent way.
  • Check that all staff understand your brand values and are delivering brand promises to customers.
  • Ensure all your promotional material including your website reflects and promotes your brand values and is consistent.